Monday, October 19, 2009

MIXTAPE: Disco Desire (Vol. 2)

The second installment of Disco Desire is here, embodied in a mélange of vintage & nu disco, house, funk, and old-school electro. If Vol. 1 was the ying, Vol. 2 is the yang.

A couple of tracks have been stuck in my head for days now, including the spacey Al Usher jam, the groovy Sammy Bardot edit, and Canyon's shoulder-shaking "Apples & Pears" track. Hopefully they will become cosmically etched into your minds as well... See you on the dancefloor.

1. Glɐss Cɐndy - Iko
2. The Pool - Jamaica Running
3. Al Usher - Lullaby for Robert
4. Loose Joints - Is It All Over My Face
5. Metro Area - Let's Get...
6. Salsoul - Ooh I Love It (Love Break)
7. In Flagranti - What Are You Doing After The Orgy
8. Sammy Barbot - Mexico (Lovefinger's Barrio Edit)
9. Firefly - Love (Is Gonna Be On Our Side)
10. Kerrier District - Disco Nasty
11. Rockers Revenge feat. Donnie Calvin - Walking On Sunshine
12. Turbotito - Losing Their Heads
13. Canyons - Apples And Pears
14. LCD Soundsystem - Tribulations (Lindstrom Mix)
15. The Golden Filter - Thunderbird
16. Walter Jones - Deuteronomy Brown (I-F Edit)
17. Sound Stream - Motion (Original Mix)
18. Ferrara - Love Attack (12'' Mix)

Download Disco Desire (Vol. 2) (Mega)
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Disco Desire (Vol. 2) by heavyaccents


Anton said...

I love both of your mixtapes, have you considered uploading them on soundcloud?

Andrew said...

Thanks! I actually have, a free account is kind of limited but I think I'll post all volumes on there when #3 is done!

Anton said...

Great, c'ause I wanted to share your stuff with my friends and I thought uploading myself your work and then sharing it woldn' be nice... So, can't wait for the #3!!